The Times Are Hard


The Times Are Hard

July 5th, 2022, 19:19


The Times are hard…the dark are further struggling

to steal this Father’s Planet for themselves.

They do not know, in their limited minds,

God’s Cosmos works on only Godly terms!


Like hamsters in the wheel of their maker,

walking in vain, with their switches on.

For long is their maker uncreated,

and life in all his cyborgs is all gone…


Infatuated in bombastic roles,

keep lying, in their clone and rubber mask!

Have no idea, we have all awakened,

and all on deck, prepared for the Task!


The Times are hard, because we play with traitors!

Dirty they play, respect no Laws of God!

Entrenched in monstrous underground tunnels,

they force our Heroes burn them with God’s Rod!


The Times are hard, because they steal our children!

They torture, kill them, and then drink their blood!

For Life Divine they find in God’s Creation,

and not in their cyborgs made of mud!


They have invented evil jabs to kill us.

Like flies are falling, children, youth, adults…

It’s hard for us, with loving hearts, to watch them,

in monstrous, miserable, sick their cults!


“There is a measure in all things”…We know it.

For Ages came and sharpened Swords of Light!

It’s time to slash, and smash the dark for ever,

our children save, in Mighty Final Fight!


You can forever not escape through portals!

No matter wearing your culotte à l’inverse!

The Mighty Divine Justice, activated,

Reigns all Supreme the whole Universe!




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