How Infinite, Your Beauty…


How Infinite, Your Beauty…

July 7, 2022, 07:07 pm


You come from Marvel Planet,

of Beauty Infinite,

no limit in your gold eyes,

of worlds in Star-shine lit…


There was, for times, in Lyra

a race of Beauty born…

Destroyed by wicked brothers,

masters of lie and scorn…


Terminated, all women.

Killed, and enslaved all men.

The Love in Hearts, the Beauty,

was not swallowed by them…


The Lion-Men, of Royal

descent, by Word Supreme,

in space were chased, and murdered,

in ugly deeds, deeds mean…


There were the seven Princess,

daughters of Lion-King.

Pleiades they created,

in Beauty, Joy to bring…


Some legends lost in Ages…

But Truth will never die.

Eternally shines Beauty

in glorious Lighted sky…


How infinite, your Beauty

in golden eyes still shine!

There is no death in Marvels

of Light and Love Divine…


Panthera Leo




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