We Are The New Beginning


We Are The New Beginning

July 8, 2022, 22:22


We stepped in New Beginning! It happened yesterday.

That 7th date, so wondrous, opened Earth the New Way.


The Seven Master Spirits, of Father Radiant Light.

And here lies the meaning, of higher inner sight.


We jumped in New Beginning! The Earth in dormant state,

was pulled in 5th Dimension, with children all awake.


Look at the skies: around, all stars replaced by ships!

Pleiades is our home now, accomplished all long trips!


We conquered New Beginning! Coeleno’s our Sun!

We spin in 5th Dimension, with New Moon, worlds to stun!


We are now the 4th planet, in New Coeleno sky.

Shan is no more a prison. Gone are the times to cry!…


We ARE the New Beginning! Truth was the only way!

All dark and lies shall vanish!… Restored to Truth, New Day!


We are in No Time Stasis. Activated we’ll be,

in our New Light System, for Earth and man be Free!…




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