I Hold My Sword Of Light


I Hold My Sword Of Light

Sunday, July 10, 2022, 10:10 pm


I hold the Sword of Light, uprightly.

Salute the Army multitudes.

In unison are all hearts beating,

in Universal altitudes.


This is Archangel Michael’s Army.

Galactics armored for the Fight.

The air trembles, high the frequents.

Command will come from Father’s Might.


The Starfleet long prepared the Battle.

Ships are positioned in the sky.

It is the Earth, that shall turn over

her axis, in Light Realms to fly!


Look deep, into your heart vibrating.

For the Salvation of the World

you came, these Time of Tribulations,

your Sword of Light to handle bold…


Tonight the Mother Earth is ready.

Brave Warriors salute upright

The Liberation magic signal,

that Flood of Truth transmute to Light!




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