Here Down On Tiny Dot Gaia


Here Down On Tiny Dot Gaia

July 11, 2022, 11:11


Here down, on Tiny Dot Gaia,

disappeared we are, one by one…

We were powerful, brave, strong and valiant,

but they slowly have killed us, and done…


You have sent us in all our glory.

You have sent us, Your best of the best!

Terminated, and poisoned, and murdered…

lost we are! Lift us off by our crest!…


For the bad — never was Your creation!

Goodness, just, is the Mind of God.

But the crimes they have done to mankind,

struck be now, with the fiery rod!


In the pure, Divine, holy minds

is such Wonder, and Good, and just Light…

That no mind of Yours could imagine,

what would take, such an enemy fight!


Oh, the unending Aeons of sufferance!

Oh, the destruction of world after world!…

Till Your Plan for Salvation determined,

Liberate Earth with Mighty Struck Chord!


All Your Suns are bombarding the Cosmos

with Your allmighty, fiery Light!

Till dissolved, uncreated those brothers,

dumb enough, against FATHER to fight!!!






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