Shall I Even Start Tell You…


Shall I Even Start Tell You…

July 13, 2022, 21:21


Shall I even start tell you

the pain you treated us,

children, animals lovely,

and every piece of grass?…


Shall I try to describe you

the horror of your deeds,

on this marvel of children

of God, and their seeds?


Where could I even start it?

In this ocean of tears,

you buried us for Aeons,

in agony and fears?…


Could you ever imagine,

the Lions rage and roar,

the hearts in savage fury,

to Heavens call and soar?…


Have you, but once, your children,

trodden with boots and feet,

the way you tortured ours,

to scream in pain and bleed?…


How long, you thought, all Cosmos,

will cry, entrenched in chain,

and how long, God Creator

allow your traitors game???


Beware! The game is over.

In His amazing Grace,

the Highest Judge He’ll send you,

your monstrous deeds to face!




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