The Day Young Yet?


The Day Young Yet?

Sunday, May 21, 2023, 11:11


The day young yet? The Universe yet sleeping?…

Be you alert, be vigilant, awake!

There are great tools Divine, man cannot fathom,

for all this Earth’s Freedom is at stake!


Heavenly Armies waiting for The Moment.

Star Fleets, Angelic Legions watch The Sign!

Eternal Liberation for Mankind

was never seen in this Divine design!


The day young yet, but Universe sleeps never!

Truth Avalanche shall blast this world away!…

Explosions of His Light shake Constellations,

thunderous earthquakes shock this day of May…


This whole World jumps now to 6th Dimension.

Conquered is darkness, in Galactic blow!

Watch Truth explode, His Light invade all minds,

awakening all Hearts in gorgeous Glow!!!




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