Have a look a bit closer!


Have A Look A Bit Closer!

June 30, 2021, 12:00


Have a look a bit closer!

Try to sharpen your Sight!

You’ll be stunned, at the Wonder

of such LOVE, and such Light!


There is nothing but Wonder,

all the way you can See,

for His LOVE was His meter,

for you, child, to Be!


Just look into His flowers!

Smell the scent of a rose…

And, astonished, See Wonders,

He put under your nose!


For you take all for granted,

and forget, how His LOVE

manifests in His Wonders,

all the way from above!…


It’s in LOVE He created!!!

And He sent you the Dove,

to Bless you, with His Wonders

of His LOVE, from above!


…Should you look a bit closer,

and to sharpen your Sight…

Stunned you’d be, big eyes making,

at His LOVE and His Light!




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