The Sun of Thousand Suns


The Sun of Thousand Suns

June 28, 2021, 11:11


The Sun of Thousand Suns is up in Heavens!

All bells are ringing, brother still asleep!

The Earth is New, New is the Sun in Heavens,

you, the New Human, shine beyond your leap!


In Mighty Light it woke me up this morning,

Sun of A Thousand Suns, reborn in Splendor!

New is the Earth we walk, my shiny brother!

Exploded Sun ignited Eon D’Or!


When Sun of Thousand Suns lifts up in Heavens,

New Life is born, in Hearts and New Born Earth!

Ignited is the Son of God in Humans.

All Hearts explode in Joy of New Rebirth!




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