Friday, August 20, 2021, 18:18


Again, again, again still,

I catch myself cling tight

to hope, and hope, and yet hope

vaporizing all night…


I hope with such a passion.

I keep that hope alive

over decades and eons…

Then take an ocean dive…


In His arms I fly mightly,

on Isle of Paradise.

But looking down, from Highest,

I see no hope, no size…


You can’t, from third Dimension

of our Tiny Ball Dot,

Eternity to measure,

or catch it in Time spot!


From His embrace, I wonder

rapidity of Time,

and see my hope, my passion

melt smaller than a dime…


But this is my salvation:

Through His eternal eyes,

I see my hope, in passion,

resplendent Sun in size…


Next night take wing and fly…

Nectar eternal, Light,

blesses me over eons,

nourishing hope and flight…




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