There is a Joy of God


There Is A Joy Of God

Friday, June 25, 2021, 16:36


There is a Joy of God, deep in all children souls,

that we’ve been robbed of, stifled of… all but killed!

A wonder of all wonders, in us Father has seeded,

full of sparks and of sparklings and laughter all life bid!


There is a Joy so wondrous, we forgot how it feels!

In this wondrous world, maybe, the wondrous of it all…

Permeating all strata, saturating the air,

with happiness abundant, on Tiny Blue Dot Ball!


Remember! Try remember! It’s essence of our Life!

Divine music, and wonder, and happiness, and Joy!

It’s healthy laughter, Father has seeded in His children,

to jump and sing and dancing, His lovely girl and boy…


Oh, if you could but fathom, deep Beauty of that Joy,

Father in Love has seeded, in hearts of girl and boy!…

The Essence is, of Wonder, of laughter and of Joy,

Father was seeding, laughing, in His sweet girl and boy…




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