For you might feel quite happy


For You Might Feel Quite Happy

Friday, June 25, 2021, 17:17


For you might feel quite happy,

well muzzled up so tight,

walking dead through the brumbles,

in wake of serpent bite…


You feel quite safe, secure,

stabbed through your sacred brain,

with vicious swabs, infected,

to ensure you soon slain…


There are chinese, who sweetly

prick you your healthy butt,

to lull you to great safety,

in duped your poor gut…


You beg for a concoction

murder you on the spot!

How loud, my poor brother,

shall I shout from roofs top???


You see the cold blood method

kill children, elder, all!

How long, my poor brother,

see huge script on the wall???


I know you have been butchered,

stolen your Right to Be!

Enough! My sacred brother!

Time for us to get Free!!!




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