Freedom   A wondrous day is coming when we’ll be Free! No tears and no sufferance shall ever be.   You’ll not believe me even, but it is true! Take heart! Stand strong! For FREEDOM has come to you!      


Great Mother

  Great Mother   Great Mother Nebadonia’s little spheres gleefully roll down the lilac tree leaves, round and perfect, alive in the magic light sparkling, gently they dance in the rain, swing in breeze…   A great day’s dawning on the tiny-dot Gaia, the choirs of Angels we hear all mightily singing. All Children of God are […]

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Keep Singing Me

  Keep Singing Me   Keep singing me, sweet wonder, keep singing me today, the clouds gray and thunder won’t chase you, tiny jay.   A storm is yet to stand it, a war to fight is due; gone are the lazy hours, grab Swords of Light, you few!   Stand strong and have no […]

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  Pele   Not only is Pele on move and all Gaia and all Elementals. The Spirit of Truth floods the worlds as we all birth the Light over mortals. Pele, Goddess of Hawai’i Pele Honua Mea by Herb Kawainui Kane . The rainbow’s probably not a sign of divine favor but rather a consequence […]

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The Mighty Day of Liberty

  The Mighty Day of Liberty   …And I saw that most sacred, the One Moment Divine of No Time.   Christ Himself was descending in Glory gliding the FREEDOMsRAY of the Light.   To the core of the Earth He descended from the Father’s Most Holy a Heart.   At One with the Infinite Mother […]

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  NOW   Now in my soul do singing and dancing abound waves of laughter reverberate through all space, spheres in golden shine all begin celebrating, we are FREE, we are FREE, by God’s Grace!…        

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Earth Peace Summit

  On his way to Singapore Peace-Summit with North Korea leader Kim Jong-un, US President Donald Trump happy leaves the G7 Meeting in Canada earlier Evan Vucci, AP Supreme selfie: Kim Jong-un flashes cheesy grin as he tours Singapore before Trump summit  Published time: 11 Jun, 2018 16:25 Historic Peace, Kim & Trump, Singapore, June […]

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  YESSS!   YESSS! HE told me  HE Loves me  forever,   And I felt only HIM I can trust!   It is done! We are FREE for the ages,   Christ is here, HE has done it, at last!   .

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Oh, This Day

  Oh, This Day   Oh, this day, oh, so mighty, so true and so great!   Pray the arms and confines of the tiny-dot Gaia can take.   This unprecedented, this giant a Gift of the LOVE   So Divine you feel hard to believe,   yet is thine!   .      

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