Not only is Pele on move

and all Gaia and all Elementals.

The Spirit of Truth floods the worlds

as we all birth the Light over mortals.

Quellbild anzeigenPele, Goddess of Hawai’i

Pele Honua Mea by Herb Kawainui Kane

A Kahuna Prayer for Wisdom, Clarity and Self-Love

The rainbow’s probably not a sign of divine favor but rather a consequence of all that hot lava falling into the sea, boiling it, and making much water vapor. June 7, 2018



Return to Kilauea 7…Panoramic view of the Huuuuge-ness

Posted on 2018/10/12 by Kauilapele


Return to Kilauea 6… My reaction to the Huuuuge-ness!!!
Posted on 2018/10/12 by Kauilapele







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