Great Mother


Great Mother


Great Mother Nebadonia’s little spheres

gleefully roll down the lilac tree leaves,

round and perfect, alive in the magic light sparkling,

gently they dance in the rain, swing in breeze…


A great day’s dawning on the tiny-dot Gaia,

the choirs of Angels we hear all mightily singing.

All Children of God are free now from the prison,

the eons long war with the dark Christ was winning!


Tears of Joy cry all skies! Blessed the spheres

of Great Nebadonia, our Heavenly Lady of Wonders!

Silent all nature, as all Elements softly whisper,

let this holy rain heal all the Earth with its powers…


IMG_012049 - Balancing on a blade of grass | von Monique van Gompel


Droplet | von Highlandscape






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