Chaotic Theatrics


Chaotic Theatrics

March 3rd, 2023, 23:23


When so lovely the numbers to play with,

I would wish to just know how we stand.

But from all the chaotic theatrics,

get no clue, what is True in the blend…


All the good men are giving good stances.

All the bad men keep lying like hell.

Thousand times we have heard same fake blubber…

How we’d wish, Truth was striking the bell!


We are mind controlled — but who sees it?

Somnambuls are we bumbling through days…

They kill children in front our noses,

but we can’t think a straight, logic phrase!


Wicked crimes they usurp us for ages.

But we can’t see how 2 and 2’s four!

Sovereigns are we all — but who knows it?

We are best mopping banksters house floor…


Who can see any hope for this planet?

Who can cleanse all this chaos from space?

Who can bring Dignity, and bring Justice,

let Truth flourish, in Love, and in Grace?


Oh!… The Dreams we descended from Heavens!…

How determined and hopeful we came!…

After Aeons of pain and of sufferance,

STOP, please, FATHER, this darkest of game!…




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