Your Colours So Wondrous


Your Colours So Wondrous

March 4, 2023, 22:44


Your colours so wondrous!…

You flash them to us,

delight our senses,

on our Terre Basse…


Magnetic magicians,

Your colours Divine

dismantle old patterns,

birth Purity shine…


Great Masters are coming.

Fear culture declines.

Dark codes are disabled.

Your Rainbow Light shines…


Slaves thinking diminish.

Time-Cruisers down slow…

Centurions gliding

on Your Light Rainbow…


Celestial brothers

plan their return.

Initiates riding

Your Light Colours burn…


Your Magic rebirthing

Divine Teachings new.

Alchemic Harmonics

redefine brightest blue…


Light Realms, high illumined

Transition assist,

keep algorithm pure

from false and from twist…


Active turn Star Bearers!

All Light celebrates

Your colours, so wondrous,

our Freedom Star Gates!!!





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