Quo Vadis, Domine?


Quo Vadis, Domine?

February 24, 2023, 22:44


Quo vadis, Domine? You, Love,

on this so wondrous Earth?

See us confused, and weak, and lost,

in this so hoped Rebirth?


We lost direction, miss solutions,

low function our brains…

We chase around our tails,

in shackles and in chains!


They took their time, and tricked You mightly,

mocking Your Love and words.

While infiltrating, penetrating

minds, against all odds!


We couldn’t fathom, so defended

not, our Right to Be!

With wicked lies, Your Will betraying,

pretended we are free!


Stole blood and genes, upgrade their bodies,

ate babies from the wombs!!!

Cut parts from bodies, our organs,

skeletons thrown in tombs!…


And now? Their Ending Time was coming.

Nowhere can they run.

Were You too generous? Too kind?

Eternity all stun!


For Earth is rich, and humans taste…

From morn’ to night, all sweating,

we, chattle slaves, calling them lords…

Too hard for them, go letting!


From You we came, to save this world

from Hydra’s mortal arms!

Our blood they sucked, Life Force usurped,

on slaughter fields and farms…


Quo vadis, Domine? We call:

Ignite the Sign of Freedom!

Our Swords we slashed, our lives we laid,

Gates opened to Your Kingdom!


For we are all Your Warrior Sons,

the Strongest in Your Might!

From You we learned, Victors to Be,

in Love, and Truth, and Light!!!




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