The earth Is Jumping


The Earth Is Jumping

February 24, 2023, 14:44


The Earth is jumping from 3rd to 6D.

A Blessing from the Father of Creation.

Too long, too much, was suffering and pain

for children His. He gifts now Liberation!


All Universe prepares for the Shift.

All of a sudden it will come, by night.

The “Moment Of No Time” is called in Heavens,

when God puts End to Time, and End to Fight!


The pressure is immense, from all the corners.

Brothers and crafts, to millions in space!

On highest Precipice stands now each human.

For Greatest Moment Universes brace!


In Human History, the Greatest Moment!

Indeed, who can contain the Works of God?

In all horrendous battles over Aeons,

this Final Battle won God’s Fiery Rod!


The crumbling rocks are bringing dark to ruin.

Over the edge are tumbling curse and spells.

Boiling are waters, and volcanoes roaring…

For monstrous doings, the siren now bells!


In Love surround brothers us, and Gaia.

It smells like hell, as darkness burns away…

All old burns, till darkness uncreated,

for Peace and Freedom joyful came to stay!




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