A Message Of Joy


A Message Of Joy

Friday, February 10, 2023, 07:10 pm


You maybe got home

from a long working day,

and are maybe exhausted, and cold, and sad,


For the gas costs so much,

and so hard to buy food,

to warm home, and to get children fed…


You feel just in that mood,

all, to send all to hell,

and give up — for you don’t understand,


How this possibly be,

such conditions to live,

and all darkness and misery stand!…


Oh, my brother so loved!

Do allow me, to send

you a message of Joy and of Glee,


To tell you, how today,

this pale February 10th,

Mighty Angels hard worked, set us Free!…


Dedicating their lives

to free us, trodden ones,

from dark slavers, who came not from God,


They flew down to South,

crossed Equator to North,

and brought Justice with God’s Fire Rod!…


Father’s Love you are born!

In your Heart burns His Light,

that the dark want extinguish and dim,


So His Sons sharpened Swords,

took wing before Sunrise,

for their anger fills all to the brim!…


To Australia first,

Supreme Karma restored.

Then to Washington, the serpent old nest,


Short and swift, in full force,

Mankind Saviours slashed,

and made Justice Supreme manifest!


You shall find out soon

the sweet Angels by name,

for this Earth will refuse to revolve,


Unless all dark is slashed,

and enslavers all smashed,

and Man’s Joy and Man’s Happiness solved!




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