February 11, 2023, 11:11 pm


After thousands of Lives,

after millions Battles,

never ending Man’s sufferance and pain,


Universes destroyed,

monstrous darkest control,

God’s Sons and God’s Daughters, all slain…


After Starfleets and Armies,

Angel Legions and Saints

fought millennia the Vipers and Drakes…


Twenty Civilizations…

Hoova, Atlas, Ashan,

Aragon — knowing what is at stakes…


Help!!!… Was Earth Shan once screaming,

Father!… Oh, Father!… Help,

in this last agony, Man and Earth!!!…


And in tears, Great Spirit,

sent His Salvation Plan,

for all children and Earth’s Rebirth…


Universes responded,

Galaxies sharpened Swords,

for the Greatest Moment in Creation,


When lost Humans of Earth,

on the last Precipice,

strong and tall stood for Man’s Liberation!


YES! That Moment is Now!

Father gave Freedom Sign.

He ignited the Great Central Sun!


Greatest Fires ignited

Mighty Will of Allmighty,

for Ascension of Earth to be done!


YES! In God is all perfect.

Conquered is darkness all.

We’re surrounded by all of Creation!


Central Sun He ignited,

Earth and Man, we are Free,

in God’s Blessings accomplish Ascension!


This is how things are done.

Through His Power and Will.

It took all Universes unite!


Uncreated the dark,

Liberated are we,

in His Arms, Truth and Love, held all tight!




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