Magic July


Magic July

Friday, July 1st, 2022, 07:07 pm


I see this July in plain Magic!

I feel this July birthing New!

I love, how the flowers of Gaia

jubilate in the New Sun and dew…


I see Magic July Celebrations!

Humans jumped into Higher Light Realm!

All Archangels of Heavens, God’s Helpers,

Rainbow Warriors hold their Gold Helm!


I can hear the Music of Spheres.

The One Chord struck in Magic delight…

Angel voices and humans fill Heavens,

celebrating the End of Great Fight!…


Magnitude of this Fight is enormous…

There are no words to ever conceive…

Mighty legends will come over Aeons,

trying Worlds an idea to give…


I salute you in Light, July Magic!

In your tune, thousand Years we’ll dance!…

We, the People of Earth, We the Victors,

jubilate in Great Freedom from trance…




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