That Magic Moment Of Non-Time


That Magic Moment Of Non-Time

July 25, 2022, 19:11


For our Sun will explode, so the System was towed,

in a masterful cloak all the way,

to Pleiades Star Cluster, Apsu System new home,

being kept from meltdown away…


Full one thousand five hundred of billion years

served, and kept our Sun us alive.

Planets all graduating, and now Gaia as well,

for God’s children soul growth and soul thrive…


Between Neptune and Pluto, a mysterious giant

three-thousand-six-hundred spin age,

just in time will appear, pull the Earth in full force,

gravitational elevate off the stage!


For the Mother is ready, on her axis to turn!

Full percentage the Time goes to null!

And when Time is exhausted, at once she Graduates,

and she flips on her axis in full!


TIME will cease to exist in that moment.

Our all soul chords God will touch!

In that Moment of Non-Time, all children,

long lost memory of their souls will catch!


Lovely Music of Spheres shall sound…

The remembrance of Heavens we’ll gain!

We’ll remember Who We Are; Why We Came,

Divine Mission we’ll know once again!


TIME shall stop, and we’ll bath in Eternal

bliss of mind, and soul, and heart…

Cataclysmic will Earth wash all evil…

In the Light Realms, in Joy we’ll all start…




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