Time For Your Wonders


Time For Your Wonders

Sunday, July 17, 2022, 11:11 pm


Wherever I look, see Your Wonders;

Mastership of all Wonders You bear!

And I cry in Your wonderful Wonders,

the more to Your Wonders I stare…


The two hundred and six million years

allotted to Earth, are fulfilled.

Your lost children could this time, in Wonder,

in Your Laws change, and grow, and learn build.


But they broke all Your Laws, and destroyed

mighty Wonders created of Yours…

Universum they sunk into tears,

and in horror, and with no remorse…


Since the Photon Belt’s one of Your Wonders,

all our hopes and our longings awake!

With the Oceans of Light mighty Powers,

fight Your Warriors, the dark spell to break!


Time for Great Chord be struck and ignited!

Time for the FREEDOMsRAY birth!

Let Your Oceans of Light and Your Wonders

manifest Divine Freedom on Earth!


Acclimation To Acceleration! - Schuman Resonance 17 July 2022

Schumann Resonance 17 July 2022



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