Gaia Portal

Gaia Portal, October 15, 2017

Inner technologicals are recognized by all, as outer ones fail.

Inner technologicals are those who discovered, recognized and acknowledge the One Divine God right in the center of our heart. There is no other possible way to be created than by His Divine Will, and His Eternal Presence is in our heart.

This is the ignition of the FREEDOMsRAY. It blasts off all the walls of lies created by the religion. We, humans break FREE from prison. The Divine Circuits to our God within are restored. Now we can SEE.

The Cosmic Liberty is the REUNION, in our own hearts, with our own Father. This ETERNAL UNITY is recognized by all.

In this very Light, all other lies and dark constructs of separation are falling apart.


Up steps are credible.

My comment to:

this unique action is of cosmic proportion
indeed the whole cosmos is assisting
dunno how many realize that
our responsibility is huge
i felt we have to strongly stand in Truth and Truth alone
cannot afford mistakes or falsity any more
or naiveté, or lack of discernment
we need to step up determination,
from just words, to action – to perfect action
this is what is expected of us
we should have matured enough by now
this is THE turning point we may not miss


Stellars found the Nova Gaia Schools.

Not in this hour, but in the next, the Temples of the Knowing of God, founded by our Galactic and Universal brothers from the Con-Stellations, will spread the Spirit of Truth on Nova Gaia.

ÉirePort | October 15, 2017

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