And in

  And In   And in these days we’ll open eyes and see the world as shining   It’s God Himself Who loves this world and loves us all and smiling…

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We think

We Think   We think we’ll just wait For the Time to be right, but NOW is the rightest of rightest!   There is no tomorrow Today is the day So what is the Time we want borrow?   We live an illusion, A sleight of the hand As Timelines cascade through the ages…   […]

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Do you?

  Do You?   Do you feel how I feel now The Time is melting fluid, Through fingers slips, and flows and runs And sands turn water humid?   Do you hear too, the trumpets sound, Through winds and echoes running, The breath so hard, the breeze so light, Like Fleets from stars are coming? […]

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  Yes   Yes, there is chaos, and war and mord and pain But these are signs The Prince Of Peace descends. He conquered dark and darkness for our sake. He waits for us to leave our bed and wake.    

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You don’t

  You Don’t   You don’t expect HIM live your life, I hope. HE trusted you: you are alive and well. Be the creator! HE has sent you forth. Honour your life. And honour your God-Quell…    

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Are you?

  Are You?   Are you still sleeping? Off your bed, I say. Wash up your face, He’s ringing at your door. They should be done, the lessons of this Earth. Get up! The Cycles to New Life give birth.    

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What wait

  What Wait   What wait you for? It is your turn to do it. HE gave you life – HE waits for your response. HE’ll lift up Gaia, Universe HE’ll lift. Stand strong, My Child, honour this Mine gift!    

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Wake up

  Wake Up   Wake up, my Earth, Christ Michael at your shores, Wake up, the Sun on the horizon waits. Be early, Children, put your house in order, Angels and Masters wait on Gaia’s border!    

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Go in the world

  Go In The World   Go in the world, my heart, in power, forth Let song and dance revive all Father’s kin! Go, fill the world with your resplendent Light, He’ll wipe ou’ tears, end eternal fight…    

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To Nebadonia

  To Nebadonia   Oh, look, You sweet Mother, Your spheres of rain drops, how wondrously they glitter in the Sun! Look at my roses, how delighted they! The Sun? The Mirror of the Master Play: Receive my Love, Christ Michael, all the way!  

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