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Gaia Portal, October 23, 2017

Descenders are accelerated.

Our 3-Dimensional old Gaia is purged as we speak of the last dross of our dark enslavers. These are the descenders. The ones that cannot make it higher into the 5th Dimension, simply by refusing the Holiness of God.

According to Archangel of Michael and his Consort, Archangel Archaeia Faith, on March 22, 2017, the Spring Equinox, two Time-Lines have been created, separated from each other. The old Time-Line is for these descenders, who cannot stand the High Frequency of the Light of God, and are removed, for Nova Gaia to emerge in a gloriously pure space.


Leviathons present to the timid, and make their point clear.

In his book “Das Wort” (The Word), written 1840-1864 in Graz, Austria by Jakob Lorber, the Creator of this Universe explains how in the old times there existed on earth Leviathans, big fish like the whales, extinct by now. One of them was swallowing Jona, spitting him out again, for him to accomplish his mission.

Universal Father was also informing us in a Message, that beautiful lions, unicorns, pegasuses, real dragons will return to earth now, the new high frequencies of Nova Gaia making it possible for them to live again among us! Their sweet presence might be encouraging indeed to the timid. Otherwise, there might be new awakened and enlightened humans, standing strong in the Light of God and making their point quite clear.

Universal Father Message for FREEDOMsRAY          November 25, 2016

Oh Sons of Morning!
Those who anchor Freedom’s Ray with My Eternal Light,

your increased awareness 
into hearts 
of humankind 
with your continuing 
fervent intent 
for Gaia’s progressing 
that which accelerates; 
that which is celebrated 
with boundless, unstoppable gala-streamers. 

numerous rendez-vous 
by ever-longing species 
who finally arrive 
to bask in Gaia’s 
environmental Beauty, 

their favorite gathering place, 
to work their seeming 
magical creations; 
even so, 
a delighted arrival of true dragons, 
even pegasuses and more, 
who hail from worlds of finer-tuned frequency.

witness enormous, 
non-explosive expansion of 
Light Rays 
that announce and deposit both 
returning and visiting absonite beings — 
those who heretofore 
could only reside in semi-transparency of Earth’s past harmonics, 
and now re-tuned.

Ye have earned it, 
this expanse of wondrous pageantry, 
that which adds unto you greatly.

Pleased AM I, 

Universal Father, 
through Eternal Son 
and Conjoint Infinite Spirit


Clairvoyants come to the fore with connections of Enlightenment.

All 7 Great Archangels of God are present on earth now. According to Kent Dunn, the 21 Ascended Masters are present on our Gaia at these End-Beginning Times as well. A great wave of Crystal, Rainbow and Indigo children are born to earth, too. And, there are the Star Seeds sent before, awakening now. All these own the gift of Clairvoyance, enacting it right now to guide humans to Light.


Straight paths are created for the Ascenders.

And so, Straight paths are created for us, Ascenders, for the Glory of God.

ÉirePort | October 23, 2017

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