It’s easy


It’s Easy


It’s easy to give up.

But then

Your butterflies 

I’ll miss…


cupha erymantis, flickr

painted butterfly, flickr

old green-eyes is back, flickr

comma butterfly, flickr

silver studded blue, flickr

small heath, flickr

rhapsody in pink, flickr

butterfly & flower, flickr

orange, flickr

spicebush swallowtail, flickr

carpe diem, flickr

minute papillon, flickr

peacock, flickr

parantica sita, flickr

chessboard butterflies, flickr

monarch butterfly, flickr

green veined white, flickr

silver-washed fritillary, flickr

butterfly blue, flickr

monarch, flickr

white peacock, flickr

koolvitje, flickr

butterfly, flickr

cb, flickr

richmond birdwing, flickr

motion, flickr

monarch butterfly, flickr

small copper, flickr

butterfly, flickr

speckled wood, flickr

peacock on buddies, flickr

dutch butterfly, flickr

common rose butterfly, flickr

gulf fritillari, flickr

tiger swallowtail, flickr

sunflower, monarch, flickr

leaves…, flickr

celastrina argiolus, flickr

garden tiger moth, flickr

if nothing ever changed…,flickr

summer landing, flickr

backyard beauty, flickr

gatekeeper, flickr

spicebush swallowtail, flickr

holly blue, flickr

red admiral, flickr

sweet treat, flickr

colours, flickr
en equilibre, flickr

peacock, flickr

lacy blue, flickr

large skipper, flickr

gonepteryx rhamni, flickr

garden visitor, flickr

pieris rapae, flickr

common blue, flickr

white peacock, flickr

green hairstreaks, flickr

gatekeeper, flickr

lesne klimaty, flickr

red admiral, flickr

Foto: Sebastian Kahnert

small copper, flickr

grass green, flickr

botched emerald, flickr

brown hairstreaks, flickr

swallowtail butterfly, flickr


small butterfly, flickr

butterfly, flickr

butterfly, flickr

common blue roosting, flickr

swallowtail, flickr

mint moth on forget-me-not, flickr

marbled white, flickr

enjoying a drink, flickr

small chopper, flickr

surrounded by flowers, flickr

american painted lady, flickr

butterfly landing, flickr

Indian butterfly

fruity, flickr

silver washed fritillary, flickr


Long-banded Silverline, John Horstman

zerynthia rumina, flickr

pipeline swallowtail, flickr

eye contact, flickr


peacock butterfly, flickr

fritillary, flickr

green hairstreaks by beaconschris

nimbe, flickr

MyA, flickr

red spotted purple



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