Too Little Is Known…


Too Little Is Known…

May 9, 2023, 19:59


Oh, so little is known, on this beautiful Earth,

of the Massive, Huge Changes we make,

that involve all Creation, all brothers in Space,

and that either Life, or Death is at stake!


Divine Order Eternal was disrupted! Attacked

by dark soulless robots, hybrids, and monsters;

With barbaric, cold blow, they were trampling God’s Love,

spreading suffering and death through all Clusters!…


We come all to this Earth to learn lessons and grow.

Grow in Light, come back Home in the Spheres.

But the sufferance and pain killed us all over Times,

in this prison, despair and tears…


Just a few know, that Father, overwhelmed by the pain

of His Children in this 3rd Dimension,

sent His Mightiest Beings of Light, to fight dark,

and accomplish His Plan for Salvation!


In all Divine Creation, there was never a Plan

of this Universal proportions and Might!

For Allmighty Creator, highest order released,

all His Light Warriors fight the Great Fight!


And now wonder the Marvel, this Miraculous act:

In the 6th Realm of Light, high Dimension,

ordered Father us all, for all Pain be atoned,

in Eternal Joy and Celebration!!!




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