The Cry Of Joy


The Cry Of Joy

Sunday, May 7, 2023, 05:07 pm


The Cry of Joy will shatter Constellations!

Be on the run, for Earth boils and burns!

The Moment-of-No-Time explodes in seconds!

The Universes stop Eternal turns.


In Human Hearts explodes the Cry of Joy!

Men Hearts beat all as One, in Joy of Freedom.

All Old vanish! Life is born anew,

in sparkling brilliance, in fresh New Kingdom…


All children sing! The Joy is overwhelming!…

Grandparents, mothers, fathers dance as One!

The Unity of all has conquered darkness.

Great Celebrations Universes stun!!!


It’s our Joy! The Cry of Joy is ours!

Not ever will the Celebrations end!

In Joy will Universes dance forever,

in Love Divine, man, woman, child, all friend…




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