In Shamelessness


In Shamelessness

May 10, 2023, 17:00


In your gross shamelessness

you destroyed mankind…

Need not look for rewards:

What you sowed, you will find!


You are lost, unlike us.

Uncreated, your leader.

Not by punishing God!

All in shame went he nether…


He left your switches on!…

And yet, off are your sensors…

Dizzy, burnt, blunt and dumb,

scream your Precipice tremors…


The No-Moment-In-Time

knocked at all Earth’s doors.

Unprepared you are,

sinking through Abyss floors…


In your shamelessness, gross,

you still rape kids, and steal

human lives, organs, blood,

serve your monstrous deals!


Yes. Dark Era has closed.

Supreme Father has spoken.

Just align with His Will!

So you’ll never get broken!




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