By My Will You Are Victors Of Earth


By My Will You Are Victors Of Earth

March 11, 2023, 11:11 pm


Here My message for you, this Great Day:

Keep the Love for each other so tender.

There is nothing more precious than Love.

You, My Warriors, are all Love defender!


Nothing goes beyond Love of My Heart.

Love is all that My Universe know.

Slash the dark with the Swords of My Light!

I’ll ignite Central Sun giant blow!


My Truth is as I have it created.

Truth is Pure, in Crystalline Shine.

There is none, in Eternal Creation,

breathe Truth deeper than Purity Mine!


I see how dark murdered my children.

I hear you all call “It’s enough”!

You awakened from darkness enslavement.

Now your heroes dismantle their bluff!


In My Light I brought you into Being.

In My Love I have nourished you grow.

In My Truth you have found My Essence,

and your courage, dark out to throw!


I held you in My arms over Aeons.

I wiped tears yours, when you cried…

I closed now darkness Cycles forever.

At My sign, Universe turned the Tide!


It Is Done. Final Battle is over.

By My Will you are Victors of Earth!

I’m your Father, Invincible ever!

And I bless you in Glorious New Birth!




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