Sunday, March 19, 2023, 19:09


Spectacularly they lose. Now. Now. Now.

In the snapping of fingers, in Grace.

Forgotten have they all God’s Laws.

For them shut Now all Portals, all Space.


Spectacularly tremble they, shocked and shattered.

Huge mistake, to mock God Himself!

For long Aeons He waited in patience.

Now, right Now, Clock is hitting sharp 12!


Spectacularly they fall. All way through.

Monstrous pain they bestowed on Creation!

Aeons called them God to come Home...

Now, the measure is full: Liberation!


Spectacularly they lost. God snapped fingers.

Ignited the Era of Light!

Enacted the Era of Freedom!

Today. Now. By His Will and Might!




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