You Also Feel, Time Goes Into Nowhere?


You Also Feel, TIME Goes Into Nowhere?

February 1st, 2023, 09:36 pm


You also feel, Time goes into Nowhere?

You also feel, we dissipate in Space?

You feel we drift in lost forever pathways,

and Earth lost spinning her eternal grace?


You also feel how Time will stop its pulses?

How our Hearts accelerate the pace?

You hear Pleiadians send us, their brothers, message,

come down in Love on our Earthly base?


The Universe has all a Holy Purpose.

We learn the Laws to live by them on Earth.

When humans now align for Special Crossing,

the Time shall stop, give way to New Rebirth!


Harmonious traps are catching violent follies…

Divine Plan dances Rainbows in the sky…

Deep Space Multidimensionals prepare,

for us enjoy our Freedom, Free to fly!…


If you don’t feel it now, you’ll feel it never!

If you don’t feel it now, will be too late.

All thousand lives you had, you came to master

in Love to Fly the Lighted Freedom Gate!




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