Defeat Is Not Of God!


Defeat Is Not Of God!

February 2nd, 2023, 17:55


And if you thought, He sent you be defeated,

you missed the Essence of Existence all!

Himself He planned to Liberate His children,

and Liberate His Universum all!


There is not such a thing — to lose the Battle!

You are His Mighty Warrior of Light!

Defeat Is Not Of God. He Blessed you Hero,

before you left His Kingdom for the Fight!


Just think, you go back Home and meet your Father.

You look into His eyes and say: “I lost.”

All children, multitudes, hanged on your courage:

Divine in value…Infinite in cost…


There never was in Holy Mind a shadow.

He’s Light, He’s Beauty, Purity and Love!

There is no conflict in the Godly Mind,

but Wondrous Harmony in all above!


They bastardized His Concepts of Creation…

They turned and twisted all against His Will.

The SOURCE of Joy and Life Divine is Father;

In gruesome, monstrous evil they would kill…


So, lift your head, and put your Golden Armour!

Remember, There Is No Defeat In God!

Pull Sword of Light and uncreate all evil,

with Mighty Slash of Mighty Godly Rod!




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