May Your Karma Divine Manifest!


May Your Karma Divine Manifest!

February 3rd, 2023, 03:33 pm


We are your Wonders, by Your Hand created.

Eagles, and Lions, and Lambs we all are.

Perfect Man is the Crown of Creation.

We all came here from High, Mighty Star.


Our DNA strands have bin doctored.

Our infinite age cut to bits.

In Your Vast Universe, all destroyed,

soulless Borg, and dead, disrupted kits.


Where is now our Glorious Nation???

How did Your Warriors fall into dust?

Why were monsters allowed kill Creation

of Yours Divine, and destroy blast by blast???


Oh, Your Love can’t be measured in Aeons!

Waited Love Yours, in respecting them Be!

But the Aeons are now all accomplished.

Sacred Karma is setting us Free.




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