A New World Is Now Birthing


A New World Is Now Birthing

February 1st, 2023, 11:11


A New World is now birthing!!!

In you, in us, in me!

Spheres Songs all resound,

Blessings sending: Man Free!…


A New World is now birthing!!!

In your Heart, in my Heart…

Hear the Angels singing!

Hark the sweet voices, hark!…


Buried we’ve been, in darkness.

Trodden, lied… Aeons long…

But Father called for Freedom,

All Universe, all bond!


Remember Who’s your Father,

for they fogged our mind!

Intruders, infiltrators

wanted murder Man kind!


Do not forget this lesson.

Tell to your children, all,

that Freedom is now birthing

on Tiny Dot Earth Ball…


That, no matter how tiny,

He saved us from our doom!

And all the flowers, happy,

explode in blossoms bloom!…


A day like none, on Gaia.

Open your eyes, to see!

And, ever, be you grateful,

Free on your Earth to Be!…


Simple, this Song of Freedom!

Multitudes, cruel wars,

Heroes fought, save brothers,

a handful souls stars…


Too simple! But remember!!!

Never forget the Fight,

His great Plan for Salvation

born Man back into Light!


A New World is now birthing!!!

In you, in us, in me!

Forever learn, to treasure,

His Blessing To Be Free!




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