January 31, 2023, 01:44 pm


Deafening!!!…Shall be Sound of Freedom!

Fallen!!!… The Pillars of Dark!

Long shall haul the sirens of the Heavens,

till the crystalline trill of the lark…


Molten lava shall spit our Mother!

Hurricanes shall let loose their force!

All Star Fleets and all Legions of Angels

burning fires shall burn monsters curse…


Much destruction you’ve caused in His Cosmos.

Horrid carnage and pain, in cold blood!

You missed Noah, to help you surrender…

Thousand floods is this Ultimate Flood!


For the Strong of the Strongest are here.

Or… You reckoned to trick Mighty God?

One is only, Who Heads Universum!

He’s the One, fire Mighty Hot Rod!


Millions years was stretching His Patience.

But His Worlds now united as One!

Deafening shall Sound the Freedom!

God’s Free Kingdom Creation shall stun!!!




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