YES. He Has Done It!

  YES. He Has Done It!   It Was His Choice. His Love-Choice, in The Father. From all Begin. He saved us with God’s LOVE!   Alone the Love can save! He Knew His Father! God’s LOVE He Knew, The Only Force above!   He let be crucified! None of you did it. You, monster-gods, […]

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This tiny Poem of Joy

  This Tiny Poem Of Joy   This tiny poem of Joy is gigantic. You’ll not contain it in eons of Time! You can cry rivers and scream to all heavens. This deed is of Father’s, not thine!   Crystallized are your thousands of lives. You are done now, although you know not. When an […]

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Transmuted to Divine Light

  Transmuted to Divine Light Is All Darkness   Transmuted to Divine Light is all darkness. Divine Magnificence. Can we grasp?   Exploded we from Him, Sons and Daughters, to save this planet from snake and wasp!   But once to Father was, such betrayal. But once His worlds disrupted by dark!   But once the fallen, blind, ungodly, His Cosmic Order […]

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For Eons Long He Wanted

  For Eons Long He Wanted   For eons long He wanted tell us His LOVE! How dumbed we? How blind we? Cut from Above?   DNA cut like cattle, mind stolen, wiped! Our babies cut and eaten!!! See, whom we fight?   That pure rain is falling on Earth again! The Godly Flood is washing […]

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  Immortal!   Immortal! Is the LOVE of God! Immortal! How fools, to think, you can extinguish LOVE!   Begone! By Father, wondrous Earth created, allows no theft! But Wonder from Above!   You burn! The Fire of the Highest Spirit, Immortal! Tolerates any theft NOT!   You fools! All darkness is dissolved this moment! God’s […]

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