Truth Portals are large open


Truth Portals Are Large Open

Sunday, April 10, 2022, 15:55


The Portals to Truth are large open.

The Spirit of Truth Lightning glows!

The Avalanche can no longer be halted.

Great Central Sun mightly blows!


Who’ll hear Divine snapping fingers?

Who’s most courageous on Earth?

Who, with one fell swoop, his Light Sword,

slashes the Knot of Rebirth?


Our planet needs men, all awakened!

Great courage need all men on deck!

Determined, full force shall we slash Swords,

from dark claws to Free Blue Ball Fleck!


Not tomorrow! Today, trumpets sound!

Stand up now! Tomorrow’s too late!

The Spirit of Truth, from the Highest,

floods Earth, to give Birth to New Fate!




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