And if you were a planet…


And If You Were A Planet…

Friday, April 8, 2022, 19:19


And if you were a Planet,

four billions years old,

how great you’ll need a Salto to do,


To reach higher Octaves,

put foot on darkened rock,

propel yourself in wondrous space blue?…


Agreed to house the fallen,

to nourish them God’s Light,

but watching them destroying your Earth…


How long you can endure,

deceit and kill and murder,

and infinite delay of Rebirth?…


Born a most wondrous Planet,

called Shan — Planet of Tears,

for being raped of Essence of Life,


How long, you think, your Love,

would endure through Aeons,

before you, too, die by dark knife?


I AM this Planet’s Spirit.

Four billions of years,

I gave you all of me, that you grow!


Wake up! Big Salto’s waiting!

Give all your hearts and souls!

Let’s leap, all as One, with a blow!!!…




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