For the strong winds…


For The Strong Winds…

Thursday, April 7, 2022, 11:44


For the strong winds are hitting,

and the strong rains are whipping,

and the Crystalline Snow brings the Light!…


And the Earth fights the darkness,

warriors break their shackles,

and all Universe fights in the Fight!…


For volcanoes are burning,

and the oceans are turning,

and the tides and the waves smash away,


From the abyss all darkness,

underground mad sickness,

to the Light of the Sun, in bright day!…


Oh!… Let Earth strong revolving!…

Let man power dissolving,

Violet Flame in full force uncreate,


All this monstrous enslavement,

and this inhumane torment,

for Eternity!… Birthe a New Fate!…




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