Break the Walls! Smash the chains!


Break the Walls! Smash the Chains!

April 14, 2022, 14:14


Now I’ll shout it in your ear, do hear:

Cross the Jericho! Do finish your work!

I will shout again: Take your courage,

be your Sword, be your Voice, your pitch fork!


Quantum Day came, crush strongly your shackles!

Your Identity is written in God.

Break the walls of your prison for ever.

Light is yours: Be God’s Lightening Rod!


Violet Flame is your Sword: Slash with Fire!

Uncreate all that’s not God’s Divine!

Break the Walls! Smash the Chains! Cross the Heavens!

Sanctify children’s Freedom and thine!


Cosmic Update Heading Into Eclipse Season - Farside CME

Cosmic Update: Farside CME




X-Class Solar Flare, April 17, 2022



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