That huge pain…


That Huge Pain…

Monday, April 11, 2022, 02:22


For the pain…was too brutal.

No one would conceive…

No one could imagine,

that pain conquer…and live…


All the Aeons…too painful.

Unbearable pain…

Whipping slaves, through the Aeons,

and then whipping, again…


There was no end to sufferance.

There was no end to pain…

Cruel the yoke, the shackles…

Struggling through mud and rain…


That is how, every human

needs such Joy, with no end,

needs an Aeon of laughter,

to heal wounds…healing spend…


Take wing, butterfly wondrous!

Free you are now, to fly!…

Fill with Joy Universes,

Fill with Joy all blue sky!…




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