Have you been ever enchanted?


Have You Been Ever Enchanted?

Easter Monday, April 18, 2022, 17:17


Have you been ever enchanted

by those masterful Wonders of Spring,

when all Earth bursts at once into blossoms,

and all birds in the woods mightly sing?


Have but once, lift your sight to the Heavens,

see blue glorious sky all above,

all resplendent Sun powerful shining,

in waves rolling and rolling of Love?


Were you struck by the ground’s all marvels,

bursting up and exploding to Light,

fed and nurtured by energies Glory

of all Masters of Galaxy bright?


Oh!…The Time came for us to breathe deeply…

Oh!… This Time came for us to awake!

See, this Spring is a Gift from the Heavens,

in a Joyful New Era to break!!!


Watch the Power of Spring and remember:

YOU’re the one to bring Freedom on Earth!

YOU’re the one with God’s Power all armored,

to bless Gaia and Man New Rebirth!




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