You maybe think


You Maybe Think

Sunday, February 13, 2022, 16:04


You maybe think that you’ll come back tomorrow.

But you will not. This Prison World is done.

The oceans all of lies, deceit and sorrow

dissipate all, on cosmic winds all gone…


Feel yourself lost?…This is the day of leaving.

This wondrous world you’ll never see again.

There are no riches you can take to Heaven…

Your Love in Heart is all that you can claim.


For if you missed to value your heart riches,

seeking the worldly quantities instead,

better a feather light you’d soar forever,

than lifeless corpse towards the earth fall dead…


So, think you not that you’ll come back tomorrow…

Alone your heart has answers all for you.

Do, say Good-bye to this old world of tears,

take wing and fly in Freedom skies so blue…




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