By now…


By Now…

February 14, 2022, 05:55pm


It’s Point Of No Return, by now!

No matter what you’re doing,

the Harvest was all sorted out,

and all lost seeds are growing…


Hysteria has reached all heights.

Madness from all peaks crushing.

Like lemmings, one and all drop dead,

from insane lies all gushing…


You got us. But is this the End?

Is this the End of Ages?

You’re sure, children innocent,

will not revive from cages?


You feel at ease, in Father’s Worlds,

to murder His Creations,

destroy in brutal, monstrous deeds,

His sacred, blooming nations?


In killing us, disrupt His Works

and Universal Marvels,

how long, think you, will trample still,

Divine Dimensions travels?


Beware! The Judge knows all your plans,

and hideous your concoctions!

How, if He turns all back to you,

your poisons and your potions?


“There is a measure in all things”

Divine, of Father’s making!

How stupid, to believe you can

ravage His Laws, and breaking…


You’re Out! Dark Age, He closed by now!

Go to your caves and void.

Take all that’s yours, SARS, HIV,

Corona, Pox and Covid!!!…




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