A real Blessing, just…


A Real Blessing, Just…

February 15, 2022, 17:17


A real Blessing, just to be a dove…

From up the roof, you have the nicest view.

All gardens and all trees are at your feet,

and up your head that splendid sky so blue…


Round, harmonious and so well shaped.

Gentle, your being, lovely, and so cute…

It’s Mother Nebadonia’s High Artistry,

to whom your marvel Beauty pays tribute…


You spend your sweetness all the garden through…

Caressing is the wind your little head.

Dancing with you, the branches of the trees,

when mornings, in the dew, on them you land…


And when, in space, your Freedom you enjoy,

when, like the dolphin, wave of wind you kiss,

when graceful dive, embracing all there is,

that’s when all world is one and all is Bliss…


A real Blessing, just to be a dove…

All world is shining in Eternal Bliss…

So small, the dove, but fascinating sweet,

embraces all Creation in a kiss…




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