What sound of music?…

. What Sound of Music?… September 13, 2021, 11:21 . What sound of music, what murmur of voices, what these New vibrations in winds?… . What tones do I hear, from sirens water songs, seeming come from beyond worlds of things?… . Rays of sun dance in spirals, butterflies in earl fly… What’s the message […]

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No being too small

. No Being Too Small Sunday, August 1st, 2021, 21:44 . No being too small to make Your child happy. No being too small to even save his life! In fascinating Yours, Divine Love Creation, never too deep an ocean searching dive… . It’s on the roof, the tiny, sweet creature. A sparrow — small, […]

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Let’s There Be Light!

  Let’s There Be Light!   . . Portals . Portals / schrödingersothercat.blog . . . . . . . schrödingersothercat.com   . schrödingersothercat.com schrödingersothercat.com . April 28, 2020, scrödingersothercat.com May 7/8, 2020, Big portals, schrödingersothercat.com .

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  Davos, Switzerland, Europe 50th World Economic Forum January 21-22, 2020   . Ian56‏ @Ian56789 “Globalists, Oligarchs & Banking Elites travel to Davos in their private jets. Agendas pushed at Davos are in the interests of Multinational Corporations & Moneyed Elites & NOT in the interests of the 99%.” “Soros Tool Greta Thunberg says that almost […]

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Hemp Universal

  Hemp Universal   New plastic ZEOFORM turns hemp into almost anything December 10, 2019 Joe Martino The Facts:Zeoform is a material that changes everything. It’s made from cellulose fibres and water. Their patented process converts cellulose fibres into an industrial strength moulding material capable of being formed in into an array of products. Reflect […]

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Arctic Archipelago

  Arctic Archipelago   Russian military releases RELAXING VIDEO from picturesque Arctic archipelago 4 Oct, 2019 © Russia’s Defense Ministry . The archipelago, which consists of almost 200 islands, is located 969km from the North Pole – closer than any other landmass in the Eastern Hemisphere. The expedition performed more than 20 landings in the […]

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