Arctic Archipelago

  Arctic Archipelago   Russian military releases RELAXING VIDEO from picturesque Arctic archipelago 4 Oct, 2019 © Russia’s Defense Ministry . The archipelago, which consists of almost 200 islands, is located 969km from the North Pole – closer than any other landmass in the Eastern Hemisphere. The expedition performed more than 20 landings in the […]

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The tiny butterflies

  The Tiny Butterflies   The tiny butterflies, so sweet and tiny, don’t do too much, they just dance through the air… Then meet another, just as sweet and tiny, and they dance all around as a pair!… . . . . . .

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Kissing again

  Kissing Again   Kissing again,  fall those so lovely drops in the raining… Kissing the trees, and the pines, and all plants in my garden! Lovely, those drops, sent in Love in this Loving Creation, fulfilling Will of my Father, and Mother, and warden… . . .    

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  Africa   . In 1990, Italian geologist, Angelo Pitoni purchased strange blue stones from a Fula Chief in Sierra Leone in West Africa. The tribe claimed the stones came from extraterrestrial visitors from the sky. Dig site in Africa via  Sky Stone . Russia writes off African debt worth over $20 BILLION – Putin […]

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Greater Adria

  Greater Adria   The new continent: Greater Adria (DeAgostini) . September 29, 2019, Hidden beneath the waves of the Tyrrhenian Sea near southwestern Italy lies a newfound volcanic mosaic dotted with geothermal chimneys and flat-topped seamounts. . . . . . .

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